Stephen Rubin

Yesterday, I was fortunate to receive a special tour of Tikun Olam in Biriya, Israel’s leading research facility for Medicinal Cannabis. Tikun Olam is aiming to develop their own unique strains that will be able to decrease the THC levels enough so that the psychological effects will be mitigated while still maintaining the strength of the medicinal properties found in the Cannabinoids.

The suffering people endure from chronic pains and non treatable diseases has reached new heights, and with its research in the field, Tikun Olam has the potential to revolutionize the medical field…and the world itself. This goes hand in hand with its name. In the Tanakh, we are taught to use every part of the plants we are afforded earth as a way to maximize their many properties.

At Tikun Olam, this is being done from many angles. Currently, there are 13,000 people in Israel being treated by Medicinal Cannabis under the auspices of Tikun Olam and at prices that are far more affordable than any other drug on the market that aims to treat these same problems. And even if an individual cannot afford the treatments available through Tikun Olam’s products, they will receive the treatment for free…the true meaning of Tikun Olam.

For more information and a deeper look into Tikun Olam’s leading research in the field, check them out here at http://www.tikun-olam.co.il/ or http://www.tikun-olam.com/