Stephen Rubin

 I am thrilled to have finally launched the new version of my site, The Real Rubin.  I guess you could say its more of an extended business card more than anything, but for anyone interested in exploring and visiting Israel, it’s definitely worth a peek.  You can get a real good sense of what we can do together when you visit Israel and the region – no matter what kind of traveller you are. And even if you never set foot in the Holy Land, you can peruse the site and find a number of bits that might strike your interest.  Or you may find absolutely nothing that will interest you at all!

With the launch of this new Israel-focused site, I will now have the time to get back to writing about everything from archeology in Israel and politics in the Middle East to the newest wineries opening in Israel’s Negev desert and delicious hummus eateries across the country. As the Philadelphia Eagles season moves on (kick off is a week away), you will also find a number of rants on the blog – but you can ignore that since its more of a matter of my own sanity and being able to blow off some steam.

For the last month, I have been back in the United States and was fortunate enough to make the rounds visiting friends and family in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Portland and Eugene, Oregon.  You can see a lot of those photos on the site and via my Instagram account (handle @TheRealRubin). 

Really looking forward to getting back to Rehovot and work.  I guess when you work as an educator and guide in the field – moving around between city-life and nature – it is pretty easy to get back to your daily routine.  I couldn’t imagine having a stagnate job, sitting in a desk chair for 10 hours a day.

Thanks to Mike Greenspoon and his team at Brand Revive for helping revamp my outdated site and creating my cartoon doppelgänger and pet Ibex.  When you come to Israel, I am sure we can give you the opportunity of meeting an Ibex when we are trekking through the Judean Desert and Negev – no mirages here!!!

See you soon everyone.  And as I always say – keep your hat on your head, map in hand and make sure your camelback is always full.